Regrow Green Onions in 3 Simple Steps

Did you know that you can regrow green onions from their roots?

How to regrow Green Onions from roots


By regrowing green onions you’ll always have these on hand and you can spend your money on something else.

And you regrow these in 3 simple steps.

Step 1.)  Leave your green onion roots in tack. You can cut it all the way down to the white part.

   Regrow Green Onions 1

Step 2.)  To regrow your green onions indoors, just find a jar and add water.  I left a little bit of the green because, this way my green onion roots didn’t float as much in the jar.

regrow green onions


Step 3.)  Sit back and watch them grow.  As the water evaporates, just continue to add more.

regrow green onions

When they grow to a desired length then just cut them and store them in a ziploc container and repeat the process.

You can also place them in soil and grow them that way as well.  However it does take longer to regrow them.

Have you ever tried to regrow your green onions?


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