How to Revive Wilted Lettuce

How to Revive Wilted Lettuce is simple.  Try these steps before tossing out your lettuce.


This is what my lettuce looked like before I began:


How to Revive Wilted Lettuce

Using a clean sink, fill your sink with cold water.  You want to get the water really cold. To do this I just add some ice cubes.


Then separate all of your lettuce leave and place them in the water for 15-20 mins. About half way through flip your lettuce over, just to ensure both sides get soaked in the cold water.

Your final result should look something like this.

If you notice, most of the lettuce leaves came back.  The ones in the middle, I felt were beyond restoration. You’ll also notice that  some of the areas in the top are slightly wilted, chop those off and still have some nice crisp lettuce.

Have you ever tried this tip?

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How to Revive Wilted Lettuce



  1. Considering that lettuce is the one thing I don’t like getting my Bountiful Basket, because it wilts before I use it, this post is very helpful. I’ve heard of doing something like this, but haven’t seen a before and after photo. I will have try this next time.

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