Disclosure Policy

The boring, yet important stuff.

BountifulBasketRecipes.Com is not officially associated with, nor compensated by,
BountifulBasket.com, BountifulBaskets.com, TheBountifulBasket.net or BountifulBaskets.org or any other “BountifulBasket” named company.  The only associated site is BountifulBasketsRecipes.com.

At times, BountifulBasketRecipes.com may be offered opportunities to review or giveaway a product.  When reviewing a product the views and opinions are solely mine, and will be truthful and honest in what I share.  If I cannot support the product, I will simply decline the opportunity.

BountifulBasketRecipes.com is maintained primarily by Gina Horne.  At times may be paid for the time and effort to run this blog.  Some ways of paid earnings are: sponsored posts, coupon links, affiliate links and paid advertising on my blog.

Readers and Bloggers that support this site are my main priority and BountifulBasketRecipes.Com will never be influenced by money

Privacy Policy

BountifulBasketRecipes.Com is committed to our reader’s privacy.  When reader’s subscribe to this blog or enter giveaways BountifulBasketRecipes.Com doesn’t share or sell your email information to anyone.  BountifulBasketRecipes.Com will only ask for personal information such as name, address and phone number for shipping purposes and will always be dedicated in protecting our reader’s privacy.  BountifulBasketRecipes.Com will at times send newsletters to readers email address they have provided.


If you would like to share some of the articles I’ve written.  All I ask is that you give me credit and provide a link back to my website and you do not claim my article as your own and you send me notification that you are linking my article.  All information on this website is copyrighted.