Bountiful Baskets Order Reminder

Bountiful Baskets Order Reminder


A reminder that Bountiful Baskets orders are due today. If you place an order and do not pick it up, your basket will be donated. You can have someone pick it up for you but they must have your order confirmation printed.


If you get a basket, please take photos for us to share with everyone.


Notes about the orders:


  1. You can order up to 3 baskets per person
  2. $3 fee for first time baskets
  3. Upgrade your basket to organic for $10

Bountiful Baskets Order Reminder

Add on offerings:
  • Tropical Granola – Ingredients: Oats, honey, brown sugar, macadamia nuts, coconut, pineapple, papaya. – $10
  • (Max 5)$10.00 ea ORGANIC Original Sweet 9 Grain Bread – 5 loaves – Contains Wheat. Baked in a facility with nuts.
  • (Max 5)$12.00 ea Fajita Pack – Hoping for multi-colored bell peppers, dried peppers, onions and garlic.
  • (Max 5)$5.00 ea Utah Peaches – Freestone. Approx 24 pounds
  • (Max 5)$18.00 ea Hatch Chiles – Med Hot Approx 25 pounds
  • (Max 5)$18.00 ea ORGANIC Multigrain Bread with Omega-3 – 5 loaves – Contains Wheat and manufactured in a facility with nuts
  • (Max 5)$12.00 ea


Special notes for when ordering (this is from the Bountiful Baskets website for when you order):


  • PRESS SUBMIT ONLY ONCE. We do not offer refunds on multiple and/or duplicate contributions
  • Your Contribution: From $15.00 to $25.00
  • The standard basket does NOT include bread. In order to make a contribution for bread, please add it to your contribution.
  • Note: To get two Baskets and only one 5-pack of bread, add one Plain Basket to your Cart, then Add a second basket with one Bread. There is no way to make a bread contribution without making a basket contribution.
  • Please make sure you have selected the correct options. There is no way to change your selection after finalizing your contribution.
  • Please double check your contribution before typing in your card number. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS OR CHANGES

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