How to Choose A Ripe Pineapple and How to Cut a Pineapple Too!

How to Cut and Choose a Ripe Pineapple

How to choose a ripe pineapple is simple and for those of you that wondering how to cut a  pineapple  is pretty simple too! I’ve put together a few collages, so you can see how I chose a ripe pineapple and the step I used to cut it too. 1.  From the top center of […]

Bountiful Basket Items March 23rd

Bountiful Basket Items

Here’s what came in my Bountiful Basket for 3/23. This week was a “large” week full of “large” vegetable items, everything seemed to be oversized. Our Bountiful Basket Items included the following fruits and vegetables: Aspargus English Cucumber Potatoes Onions Butter Lettuce Chinese Cabbage Minneola Tangelos Coconut Broccoli Pineapple Grapefruit Did you pick up a […]

How To Open A Coconut Starting With A Corkscrew

How to Open a Coconut

How to Open A Coconut doesn’t have to be complicated.  I’ve got a simple way of showing you, how to do it starting with a corkscrew. I was pretty excited when I saw that we got coconut in our basket this week.  I also saw a lot of people giving theirs away simply because they didn’t know […]

Regrow Green Onions in 3 Simple Steps

How to regrow Green Onions from roots

Did you know that you can regrow green onions from their roots?   By regrowing green onions you’ll always have these on hand and you can spend your money on something else. And you regrow these in 3 simple steps. Step 1.)  Leave your green onion roots in tack. You can cut it all the […]

30 Fabulous Juicing Recipes

Juicing Recipes

Get 30 Fabulous Juicing Recipes that will sure add a big smile to your face!   I’ve been searching for some juicing recipes and I’ve found 30 that you definitely want to try. Homemade Lemonade or Limeade Spinach Lemonade Juice  Beet, Carrot, Apple, & Spinach Juice Carrot Apple Juice Minted Frozen Lemonade Beet, Celery, Ginger, […]

Bountiful Baskets Order Day


It’s  Monday!  Time to order your Bountiful Baskets for the week.  This is your friendly reminder.  Some sites fill up their orders quickly so be sure to order soon.  Orders must be placed by Tuesday 9pm PST. Bountiful Baskets If you are not familiar with Bountiful Baskets? It’s a non profit co-op group. You pay in advance […]

Bountiful Basket items March 2nd

basket 3

I loved this weeks Bountiful Basket items! Here’s a look at what we got in our March 2 Bountiful Basket.   Remember each week changes so items will vary and will also vary depending on the location you live in too. This weeks Bountiful Basket items included: Sweet Potatoes, Green Bell Peppers Garlic Acorn Squash […]

Unique Potato Recipes

Unique Potato Recipes

We’ve had an abundant amount of potatoes in our basket over the past weeks.  With that in mind, I wanted to find some unique potato recipes for you to try.   I wanted to try and steer away from the most common potatoes recipes.   I think you’ll find that I did.. and hope one of these will become […]

Potato Tacos

Potato Tacos

Yummy Potato Tacos!   I was searching for some unique Potato recipes and boy did I find one. Potato Tacos with an Avocado Relish!   For those of you looking for a vegetarian dish, this would be a vegetarian delight!  Potatoes, onions, jalapenos, cheese, cilantro and tomatoes are the main ingredients needed to make up this recipe. Check […]

Duchess Potatoes

Duchess Potatoes

Wonder why they call this Duchess Potatoes.  They sure do look delish!    Pinky out on this one! In my mind these are like the best of a baked potato, you get the insides but they are toasted. Who wouldn’t love that? The recipe has potatoes, eggs, butter, cheese and cream as the main ingredients […]