Bountiful Baskets Order Reminder

bountiful baskets

Bountiful Baskets Order Reminder   A reminder that Bountiful Baskets orders are due today. If you place an order and do not pick it up, your basket will be donated. You can have someone pick it up for you but they must have your order confirmation printed.   If you get a basket, please take [...]

How to Store Ginger

How to Store Fresh Ginger

How to Store Ginger I LOVE ginger and when I get my hands on it my creative cooking juices go CRAZY! (Now, I must admit that if I can get a good price at the store, like $.50 a pound, I buy a lot of it for future use.)   How to Store Ginger In [...]

Bountiful Basket for August 25

bountiful basket august 25

  Gina M. shared her basket for today and posted:   Got my basket! Would love a recipe for cauliflower mashed potatoes, kale chips, and something to do with these brussel sprouts…if anyone has one to share! Thanks! =)   Here are other  items Gina received – honey wheat bread & tortillas!   Today’s basket [...]

Brussels Sprout Recipe for Tasty Appetizer

brussels sprout recipe

Brussel Sprouts! You either love them or hate them. Brussels Sprout Recipe         We went to our friends house for St. Paddy’s Day dinner and she told us she was making Brussels sprouts – YUCK! Was my first thought.. Who likes Brussels sprouts?   Lori pulled them out of the oven and [...]

Canning Tomatoes from Bountiful Baskets

canned tomatoes

Canning Tomatoes   With Bountiful Baskets you can order extra goodies and when in season tomatoes is one of them.  Jamie ordered 40 lbs of tomatoes and look what she did with them!  Canning tomatoes is a great way to preserve them.  You can use them later to make sauce, salsa and more!   Below is Kathryn [...]

Tropical Basket – What Would You Do?

bountiful basket recipes

  Today Wendy receive the following: Lychee Vanilla bean Fresh mint Lemons Mango Pineapple   Did you get the same basket? What are your plans for it?   Submit your photos and recipes here.