Leek Dip Recipe

Leek Dip Recipe

Leek Dip… looks like it will make a great recipe for a snack or appetizer. Very simple ingredients most of them you probably already have on hand, such as vinegar, white sugar and cream cheese. Looks like a frugal recipe and you all know how much I love to save money. Pair this up with […]

Leek Cream Recipe over Salmon

Leek Cream with Salmon

Leek Cream over Salmon will make for a great dish for you fish lovers. This is another recipe that looks really simple to make.  I personally think anything that contains Philadelphia Cream Cheese will make for a delicious recipe. I also wanted to find recipes for those of you looking for no meat recipes, which will be […]

Leek Salad with Walnuts

Leek Salad

Leek Salad anyone?  I’m intrigued that it’s not a cold salad either.  This Leek salad is served warm. All you need is Leeks, Lime Juice, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper makes for this recipes.. Plus if you love walnuts add them too! I just love simple recipes and this warm Leek Salad seems pretty simple […]

Leek Soup with Lima Beans

Leek Soup

Leek Soup with Potatoes seem to be the most common soup people eat with Leeks. But how about trying some with Lima Beans? My friend Brandie over at HomeCookingMemories.com has an awesome leek soup recipe that she makes with lima beans. This is recipe requires, lima beans, chicken broth, salt, pepper, carrots and shallots.  Most […]

Leek Lasagna Recipe

Leek Lasagna Recipe

Leek Lasagna… Doesn’t that just sound yummy?  By the looks of this picture who wouldn’t want to try a Leek Lasagna Recipe? I saw this Leek Lasagna Recipe on the Barilla Website.  The ingredients are simple too and most of the stuff you probably already have on hand such as flour, butter, olive oil and […]

Bountiful Basket Items February 16th

Our Bountiful Basket items this week were amazing.  Lots of great items I love and some new stuff too!     If you’ve been wondering what items come in your Bountiful Basket, here’s a peek.  But remember each week changes so items will vary and will also vary depending on the location you live in […]

Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars This week we had a bunch of lemons in our basket. Need some ideas of what to do with your Lemons? Why not try this Lemon Bar Recipe. Most of the ingredients you should already have on hand. Such as flour, sugar and butter. It’s a quick recipe too! Enjoy! PrintLemon Bars IngredientsPart […]

Bountiful Basket Order Day for Jan 19 Pickup


Bountiful Baskets Bountiful Baskets Yay!! It’s Monday!  I just love Mondays!  Why?  Because it’s the day I get to order my Bountiful Baskets for the week.  This is your friendly reminder to order your’s basket today.  Some sites fill up their orders quickly so be sure to order soon. If you are not familiar with […]

Basket Brag 1.12.13

Bountiful Basket

Are you curious about what you might get in your Bountiful Basket?   Each week I post a Basket Brag!!  Look at What came my Bountiful Basket  on 1.12.13 Celery Carrots Avocados Apples Oranges Brussel Sprouts Cherry Tomatoes Bananas Sweet Mini Peppers Lemons Strawberries Check out all of the other Basket Photos. Want your own Bountiful […]

Basket Brag 10.20

Basket Brag!!  Look at What came Leanne’s Bountiful Basket  on 10.20.   Kale Butternut Squash Grapes Pineapple Onions Pomegranates Apples Bananas Tomatoes Celery Romaine Lettuce Check out all of the other Basket Photos.